hank you for your interest in advertising with us. Because we are forever teachers, advertising through our education site adds a very personal connection between you and your target audience. Please read through this page carefully. If you are interested in long-term partnerships, you can reach us at: correo@yoprofesor.org.

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BANNERS Format Size Max File Size Accepted File Types (Standard) PRICE
TOP BANNER 728 x 90 35 kb jpg, gif, swf,link $400 X MONTH
BOTTOM BANNER 728 x 90 35 kb jpg, gif, swf,link $250 X MONTH
RIGHT SIDEBAR POSITION BANNER 300 x 250 35 kb jpg, gif, swf,link $300 X MONTH
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Los conectores son marcas que orientan al lector en el descubrimiento de la coherencia que subyace en la estructura superficial del texto. Mediante los conectivos el escritor organiza retóricamente y…